NEELTRAN provides Custom Solutions for your DC Power Supply

Monday, July 30th, 2018

Flexible, Custom Solutions – NEELTRAN makes a big difference by being one of the few manufacturers that can adopt a flexible design approach for each and every industrial power conversion project (designing reliable DC Power Supplies -- Rectifier Transformers and Rectifiers).

Each DC Rectifier and Rectifier Transformer is expertly customized to meet the specific needs of the customer. Whether those needs are for a new site or an exisiting site retro-fit or upgrade, we can meet your electrical and mechanical requirements. NEELTRAN customers have come to expect this customization.

NEELTRAN has earned a reputation for supplying FLEXIBLE SOLUTIONS to meet your long term needs for reliable DC Power at reasonable cost, and ultimately, low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

NEELTRANS DC Power Supplies/DC Rectifiers combine a robust NEELTRAN custom Rectifier Transformer with a modern state-of-the-art NEELTRAN DC Rectifier as the two main components of a power conversion system, and each component is custom designed with our customers unique requirements in mind. Inevitably, these customizations begin with NEELTRAN’s world-renowned top-quality transformer designs to feed the Rectifier with the exact power requirements it needs to exceed the strict DC power requirements for the specific production line. But it doesn’t stop there…

NEELTRAN listens to a customers needs. Typically, those needs include requirements for the location and layout of the custom high current power supply. The Transformer and Rectifier design must consider pad size, location of inputs and output bus, dimensional restrictions, climate, special maintenance access, climate-controlled enclosures and features, hazardous environment customizations, future upgrade consideration, accessory customization including filters, switches, taps, bus work, sensors, gauges, controls and their location. Neeltran will gladly design a Rectifier Transformer and Rectifier in such a way as to make this power conversion project a success Long Term.

NEELTRAN will even accommodate special design requests for customers with special transformer or rectifier maintenance and repair concerns.

NEELTRAN will also work with you as a team to provide the best high current power supply solution possible, based on customer need. Whether it’s an Oil Filled Transformer with separate Water-Cooled DC Rectifier installed as a complete system inside or outside the plant OR the unique Water Cooled Unitized E-HOUSE DC POWER SUPPLY, we’ll make it work – and perform reliably! Whether it’s a new plant design or expansion – we’ve got you covered. Simply need to upgrade older equipment with newer or more capacity? NEELTRAN will help you with a “Pad Ready” system to drop on your existing location, minimizing construction costs.

NEELTRAN can do all this because of a strong emphasis on Engineering. NEELTRAN’s employees are some of the best and brightest transformer and power conversion Engineers and designers available in the industry, many with 15 years or more experience. Our Electrical engineers have automated tools to help make our designs the best in the world. Neeltran has complete Auto-Cad and 3-D capabilities to share with client so that mechanical designs are right on.

NEELTRAN’s goal is to TEAM with customers to design and build. From the very beginning our Sales and Engineering teams will LISTEN to our customers and help customers to design a number of possible DC Power Supply solutions and define Rectifier Transformer and Rectifier requirements before they go out to bid – no strings attached. After an order is received, NEELTRAN’s unique Project Management approach allows you to team with NEELTRAN as a partner – not just a customer, from beginning to commissioning of the Power Conversion System!

NEELTRAN also specializes in Transformer Repair and Transformer Rewinding, Rectifier and Controls upgrades and offers 24/7 Service Capabilities to support their customers!

“Customers want to do business with real people that will take care of their short and long-term needs. By listening to our customers in the design process as well as the project management process, we’re able to accomplish that quite effectively.” -- Antonio Capanna Jr., President/C.O.O.