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Hazardous Location Power Supply

Hazardous Location AC and DC Power Supplies

Added Benefits of Dry, Water or Oil Filled Rectifiers and Transformers Supplied by Neeltran – Robust and Reliable Power to run your 24/7 processes.

Neeltran, designs and builds its own rectifier-transformers and rectifiers. This ability allows us to understand the extreme duty a hazardous location power supply has to perform in extreme environments. This gives our designers the experience to design the highest quality units available. Applications for for chlorine, bleach or cathodic protection power supply, oil processing or other chemical dc power supplies can be manufactured by our team.

Neeltran possesses multi-industry, engineering, and manufacturing experience that helps us to be flexible and design products that meet your specific technical and safety requirements.

For the Hazardous market we can design the rectifier to be installed inside the same tank of the transformer. Control cabinet and fuses are positioned in a separate explosion proof box, for easy maintenance and control. Typical uses are for chlorine, chlorate, cathodic protection, impressed current cathodic protection power supply, bleach and any other processes that need hazardous location DC and AC supplies. Whether on an oil rig, oil refinery or any other hazardous location we can build to any standard. We an provide water, oil or air cooled utilizing various certified techniques. 

  • Conservative Transformer design
  • Design to all types of environments
  • Based on specifications we can conform to ANSI, IEC,ATEX, IECEx,ABS,Gost-R, Kosha, IEEE,NEMA, CSA, BS, AS, UL, JS, CE etc...
  • Design to be installed in all the off shore platform, refinery, or chemical facility. High Efficiency units with low operating temperatures
  • Multi-pulse and specialty circuit configurations available
  • Superior short circuit withstand
  • Latest safety features
  • Design to local environment, altitude and cooling conditions with all cooling system types available
General Specifications Data Sheet PDF Data Sheet PDF (Spanish)
Standards not limited to NEC/ANSI / IEEE / IEC /IEC X/ATEX/GOST-R/KOSHA, UL,CSA
Product Ranges not limited to CLASS 1, Division 1&2, Groups A,B,C,D,Zone 1&2, GAS Groups IIC,IIB+H2, IIB, IIA.
Three-phase supply voltage main by customer Vac up to 69,000
Three phase voltage on the secondary Vac up to 80,000
DC Voltage Vdc up to 90,000
Maximum power kVA 25,000
Frequency Hz 50/60
Tap changer No Load
Rectifier Connection Bridge
Pulses 6 / 12 and more
Rectifier power section material Copper or Aluminum
DC Current Adc up to 15,000
Control card type Digital or Analog
Metering Shunt
Rectifying elements Thyristors / Diodes
Redundancy N+1 (On demand)
Temp class T3, T4, T5
Transformer Cooling Water / Air / Oil
Transformer Oil Type Mineral / FR3 / Silicon
Installation Indoor or outdoor
Transformer Manufacturer Neeltran
Rectifier Manufacturer Neeltran
Line Up Testing Available Combined Test at Neeltran Factory