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Drive Duty Dry Type Transformers

High Power Rectifier Transformer Supplied by Neeltran – Robust and Reliable Power to run your 24/7 processes.

Neeltran designs and manufactures its own rectifier-transformers and rectifiers in the same facility. This ability allows us to understand harmonics and losses very well. It also gives our designers the experience to design a high quality custom unit.

Neeltran possesses multi-industry, engineering, and manufacturing experience that helps us to be flexible and design products that meet your specific technical and safety requirements. We can provide custom solutions to your meet your needs.

Product Range: up to 15 mVA, Primary up to 34 kV, Secondary voltages up to 1500 vac. Multi-pulse units available; 6,12,24,36 pulse. Note see oil filled transformer link for ratings of oil transformers.

  • 220 deg C or 180 Deg C UL recognized insulation systems
  • Special certifications and listings available
  • Shield between primary and secondary
  • Latest safety features
  • Design to all types of environments
  • Auto Transformers with or without reactors available
  • Based on specifications we can conform to ANSI, IEC, IEEE,NEMA, CSA, BS, AS, JS, UL, CE etc...
  • Special certifications available
  • Design to seismic zone and altitude
  • Conservative Transformer design
  • High Efficiency units with low operating temperatures
  • Multi-pulse configurations available
  • Superior short circuit withstand
  • Design to local environment, altitude with all cooling types available
  • EMF, RFI and Magnetic studies available
  • Complete ANSI and/or IEC testing available
  • FEM analysis avaliable