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Special Custom Water Power Supplies

 Robust and Reliable Power to run your 24/7 processes.

Environmentally friendly water cooled power supply, lower cost than oil transformer units and easier maintanance. Neeltran has developed what we call "An all in one unit or E house Supply" where we place the transformer in the main rectifier cabinet. Whether -40 deg C or +60 deg C our units can perform any enviroment. From a maintainance perspective you have eyes on the transformer and all components which is great for long term care. 

This type of unit save the client significant cost since you do not need to build a transformer pit or blast walls like you do with oil filled transformers. Also environmentally you do not need to worry about oil. Going green essentially means being environmentally friendly. Reducing pollution is yet another simple strategy that can make a huge difference.

If you site does not have water that is fine, we can supply a complete self cooled system by placing an external water to air exchanger. 

Any industry can benefit from these units. We build them in generator type enclosures that are complete

Product Range: up to 150 kA and 1800 vdc multipluse 34 kV primary maximum