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Neeltran Controls for our Transformer Rectifier Systems will help keep your facility running

Neeltran designs and develops its own high tech controls for its DC power supplies. Our staff also programs PLC's for our units to allow for easy customer interface. All controls are proven and tested in the unit they will be installed in. For any manufacturer's power supply we can update your controls to today's standards. You do not have to worry about obsolescence since we use available non proprietary PLC's and our PC boards will be available for the next 30+ years since we use them on military projects and are required to keep them current..

Communication screen   Cooling System screen

Diagnostic screen   Main screen

Temperature screen

  • State-of-the-art Neeltran control boards with tight regulation and fast response
  • Microprocesser based controller available
  • All types of PLC’s available for ease of interface to customers systems
  • Multi-pulse configurations available
  • High reliabilty proven by long term field data
  • PLC monitoring and diagnostics remotely via Neeltran available.
  • Designed with the lastest safety features
  • Phase lock loop control
  • Specialty accessory boards available
  • Custom PLC HMI designs for your customized needs
  • Scr and Scr fuse monitoring system to PLC