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High Power Industrial Transformer Rectifier Systems

Added Benefits of Power Electronic Systems Supplied by Neeltran — Robust and Reliable Power to run your processes.

D.C. Large Power Supplies Neeltran, is are one of the few companies that designs and manufactures its own custom rectifier-transformers and rectifiers (rectiformer). Full Current and Full Voltage factory testing of the power conversion equipment allows for line up testing of the units in their actual configuration prior to shipment.

This testing method allows us to eliminate integration problems at the site and to assure the shortest commissioning time, resulting in significant cost savings and the highest quality units.

Neeltran possesses multi-industry, engineering, and manufacturing experience that helps us to be flexible and design our power electronic products that meet your specific technical and safety requirements.

  • Air Cooled, Present Rating 1 kA to 50 kA dc per 6 pulse, up to 2500 Vdc.
  • Oil and water cooled, Present Rating 110 kA and below per each 6 pulse, up to 2500 Vdc.
  • E House Power Supply for high power rectifiers
  • Multi-pulse systems are available.
  • Other Small DC Chopper 3 kA @ 1000 Vdc or below for torch and similar applications.
  • Other System Comp. HFC & PFC, Turn-key, Studies, etc… 
  • Complete ANSI and/or IEC testing available.
  • 3rd Party certifications available for all enviroments and countries upon request

Neeltran can design and build to new plants as well as retrofit and replace transformers and or dc power supplies for existing installations