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Large Reactors, Inductors and Interphases

Added Benefits of Neeltran Reactors, Inductors and Interphases – Robust and Reliable Power to run your 24/7 processes.

local environment and altitude Throughout our designs we utilize special magnetics of all types. This allows our designers to attain the experience necessary to design a high quality custom unit.

Neeltran possesses multi-industry, engineering, and manufacturing experience that helps us to be flexible and design products that meet your specific technical and safety requirements.

Product Range: Air, Water or Oil cooled. AC or DC Air Core or Iron Core, Interphase transformers, Saturable Core reactors, Tuning Reactors. Negative Return Reactor for Traction Power Systems.

  • 220 or 180 deg C UL recognized insulation systems available
  • Latest safety features
  • Design to all types of environments
  • UL and other certifications available
  • Based on specifications, we can conform to ANSI, IEC, IEEE,NEMA, CSA, BS, AS, JS, UL, CE etc…
  • Design to seismic zone and altitude
  • Conservative design
  • High efficiency units with low operating temperatures
  • Design to local environment and altitude (all cooling types available)
  • Dry, oil and water cooled available
  • Complete ANSI and/or IEC testing available