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High Power Transformer Rectifier Systems For Furnace Applications

Added Benefits of Power Electronic Systems Supplied by Neeltran – Robust and Reliable Power to run your 24/7 processes.

Neeltran possesses multi-industry, engineering, and manufacturing experience that helps us to be flexible and design products that meet your specific technical and safety requirements.

Markets served: Titanium, Glass, Carbon, Carbon Fiber, Scrap and Specialty.

  • DC reactors and low ripple available
  • Latest safety features
  • Design to all types of environments and contamination
  • Remote monitoring via PLC modem
  • State-of-the-art Neeltran control boards with Microprocesser based controller available
  • All types of PLC's available for ease of interface to customer systems
  • Diode units available
  • On Load Tap Changer available, in all cases including NLTC tap changer will have its own separate oil supply
  • Based on specifications we can conform to ANSI, IEC, IEEE,NEMA, CSA, BS, AS, JS, CE etc...
  • Design to seismic zone and altitude
  • Walk-in metal or aluminum enclosures available with all types of IP or Nema
  • Ratings Conservative Transformer design (dry, water or oil type)
  • High Efficiency units with low operating temperatures
  • Conservative selection and specially developed water cooled thrysitor system provides unmatched reliability N-1 SCR's with no need for matched devices
  • Modular and scalable design
  • Modernization and component reduction improvements leads to best MBTF Multi-pulse configurations available
  • Superior short circuit withstand
  • Mutliple DC current measurement types available
  • EMF, RFI and Magnetic studies available
  • FEM analysis available
  • Harmonic studies available
General Specifications Data Sheet PDF Data Sheet PDF (Spanish)
Three-phase supply voltage main by customer V up to 69000
Maximum power kVA up to 10000
Three phase voltage on the secondary V up to 300
Frequency Hz 50 / 60
NLTC or OLTC No Load and On Load Tap Changers
DC Current A up to 60000
DC Voltage V up to 300
Rectifier Connection ANSI - IEC Bridge or Single Way
Pulses A 6 / 12 / 18 / 24 / 36 and more
Control card type V Digital or Analog, hard wired or OPTO
Accuracy of the constant current control system ±0.5%
Transformer Cooling ONAN-ONAF-OFAF-OFWF-KNAN
Transformer Manufacturer Neeltran
Transformer Oil Type Mineral, FR3, Silicon
Temp class 105°C
Installation Indoor or Outdoor
Rectifier Cooling Deionized Water to Water / Deionized Water to Air
Rectifier Enclosure Type Compact / Semi-walk in / Walk in
Rectifier Manufacturer Neeltran
Rectifier power section material Aluminum or Copper
Rectifying elements Thyristors / Diodes / IGBT
Redundancy N+X
Line Up Testing Available Combined Test at Neeltran Factory