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Neeltran's Product Offering for transformer and dc power supply (power systems manufacturing and design)

Transformers designed and manufactured by Neeltran

  • Oil Filled Rectifier duty Size/Rating 60 MVA and below up to 115kV
  • Dry Type Rectifier duty Size/Rating 15 MVA and below up to 34kV
  • Specialty Dry and Water cooled
  • Reactors Dry and Water cooled
  • Repairs and Retrofits

DC Rectifiers designed and manufactured by Neeltran

  • Air Cooled, Present Rating 1 kA to 50 kA dc per 6 pulse, up to 2500 Vdc
  • Fluid Cooled oil and water, Present Rating 110 kA and below per each 6 pulse, up to 2500 Vdc. 
  • E House dc power supply water cooled transformer rectifiers for Going green which essentially means being environmentally friendly. 
  • dc transformers
  • Multi-pulse systems are available for low, medium and high current power supplies
  • Other Small DC Chopper 6 kA @ 1500 Vdc or below for torch and similar applications
  • Other System Comp. HFC & PFC, Turn-key, Studies, etc…
  • Other higher DC or AC ouput voltages available
  • Complete ANSI and/or IEC testing available

Military grade available on all products.