Power Supply and Transformer Service and Repair

Wednesday, April 8th, 2020

We are prepared to handle your service needs. In today's world with travel restrictions in place for for most of the world.
Neeltran will take care of your service needs remotely.
1. Virtual guided service via Skype or alternate video means.
Our factory technician and or engineers can guide you and your team through step by step a repair of your equipment
over a phone or through a video call. This service is live and in real time.
2. Return power supply or transformer to Neeltran, whether a Neeltran Power Supply or another brand, we can fix it at our facility.
We will repair and send the equipment back as soon as possible.
3. Please check on your spares stock as critical spare parts package on our shelves but global supply chains have been disrupted.
We can quote you immediately to keep your spares at full stock level.  

4. If your process is shut down during Covid 19 crisis you want us to be there for start up after the crisis please book service now to assure your start up goes smooth.

5. For annual site checkout services booked by July 31st 2020 and schedule before March 31st 2021 Neeltran is offering a 20% discount.  
Call us today at 860-350-5964 and chose option 4  or email  [email protected] for further details on each of these options.