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I have worked with NEELTRAN since Tony Capanna Sr. has bought the company. Since then, NEELTRAN has grown as a company, both in size and experience as a major supplier of industrial, large scale TRANSFORMER/RECTIFIERS, at an astonishing rate. Our company, Aker Chemetics, has successfully used many TRANSFORMER/RECTIFIERS built by NEELTRAN for use in our Chlorate, Chlorine Dioxide and Chlor Alkali plants world wide. I have no hesitation in recommending NEELTRAN as a competent TRANSFORMER/RECTIFIER manufacturer.

Eric A. Munzer, Senior Engineering Specialist, Consultant

I have worked with you and Neeltran for several years now and have recommended your service and product to everyone who uses your type service. You have never failed to give me the type response I need to stay in business and I would recommend anyone interested in your service.

Ray Luther, Engineer, Erachem Comilog Inc. Tennessee

I have worked with NEELTRAN since 2000 and supported their amazing growth. The Capannas and their staff are truly great people to work with and together we have designed and produced advanced militarized high power converters for leading edge technologies. In addition to our deliverables, we have purchased from Neeltran multiple megawatt test facility transformers to power present and future applications. Their incredible manufacturing capabilities and our shared technical experiences have enabled both of us to lead in our industries.

I personally recommend NEELTRAN as a top level supplier for megawatt transformers and rectifiers.

Richard Street, Senior Transformer-Rectifier Specialist, General Atomics