Neeltran awarded by Connecticut Economic Resource Center

Friday, June 6th, 2014

Neeltran Inc is honored by the Connecticut Economic Resource Center, Inc. (CERC) as one of the State’s Most Notable Economic Growth Initiatives to be Recognized for Contribution

 “These awards pay tribute to the hardworking people and successful programs and projects that are stimulating new jobs and investment in our economy,” said CERC President and CEO Robert Santy. “CERC is proud to recognize the 2013 honorees and the many successes making a positive impact on our business environment.”
Hosted by CERC, more than 150 economic development and business professionals from around the state will attend CELEBRATE CT! to recognize top companies, projects, programs, organizations and individuals for their contribution to the state’s economy – such as consistent or growing employment levels, role in changing the character of its community or civic engagement, strong public/private collaboration to encourage new investment, or leadership resulting in regional growth or improvements. Twenty companies statewide where honored at the Bushnell Theater on November 26th, 2013.
Neeltran is a premier manufacturer of large DC power systems and Transformers.  Neeltran ranks as one of the top producers of DC power systems and transformers in the world. Some of their transformers weigh more than 225,000 lbs! Neeltran is uniquely positioned because they are one of the few companies in the world that designs and manufactures its own rectifier-transformers and rectifiers in the same facility under one management team. Neeltran is also unique because it is family-owned and operated while most of its competitors are publically traded companies.

Neeltran competes on a global basis daily and wins a high percentage of orders in their market. The Capanna Family has accumulated a very talented team of engineers, sales, quality and manufacturing personnel. The Capanna’s instill a hard work ethic into their employees. This keeps the team ready to go where the business is and compete in a moment’s notice.

 In 2006 and 2009, Neeltran completed two major expansions by adding a high bay facility and a machining area increasing their footprint to 85,000 square feet. The large Transformer/DC power supply market is capital intensive. Neeltran has recently invested millions of dollars into their facility, machinery and personnel and is undergoing another 10,080 sq foot expansion. Their consistent growth has resulted in additional expansion needs. Neeltran sales have grown 325% in the last 10 years.