Combined DC Power Supply Testing

Friday, June 22nd, 2018

DC Power SupplyNEELTRAN’s unique ability to perform Combined Testing on Rectifier Transformers and hi current DC Rectifier systems offers advantages including reduced risk, lower costs, and time savings to customers.

NEELTRAN’s ability to perform combined testing on its Industrial DC Power Supplies means that both the Rectifier-Transformer and the Rectifier undergo final test as a complete DC Power Supply system at the factory before shipping to customer sites. This assures our valuable customers a timely, efficient installation and commissioning process – and this means far less risk of costly production delays due to incompatibility and system “tuning” issues as a result of DC power conversion which may prevent the Rectifier from going online.

Neeltran is the world leader in power systems manufacturing including the design and manufacture of Rectifier Transformers and custom DC Power Supply Solutions as well as Transformer Repairs and upgrades. We’re proud to be one of the few companies throughout the world that designs, manufactures and tests all our transformers and rectifiers under one roof. It’s how we ensure everything meets our stringent, high standards. It’s one of the many reasons why our customers keep coming back!

Our Transformers and Rectifiers are designed by individual teams which undergo a defined Project Management process insuring that the two components are designed for compatibility. Both systems are designed to be robust, reliable, efficient DC power supplies for vital production processes – with a complete understanding of what is required based on the load and operational conditions unique to each customers unique and critical process. Top of the line construction, components and manufacturing skills are used to produce our Transformers and Rectifiers.

After each component (Rectifier Transformer and Hi Current DC Rectifier) of the DC Power Conversion system is manufactured and tested individually according to ISO 9001 certified standard procedures and other applicable industry standards, we then move both components to our advanced multiple Test Bay area to test up to 60 MVA. Our Major Testing Equipment allows for complete ANSI/IEC testing, and includes:

  • Multiple Test Bays up to 60 MVA
  • Variable AC power sources
  • 600KV Impulse Generator full and chopped
  • Several Mult-Tapped Transformers
  • 120 Hz large Generator for double induced testing
  • Power Monitor/Analyzers
  • Frequency Generators
  • Hipot AC/DC Testers
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Transformer Turns ratio Testers
  • Load Banks
  • Variable Frequency Generators
  • 50/60 Hz power for controls and motors
  • Partial Discharge Tester

Most other Power Electronic System integrators purchase the Rectifier-Transformer from the least expensive sub-contractor, or they manufacture the key power conversion system components in different geographic locations which operate under different management objectives. This would mean the transformer and rectifier are married together for the first time on site. This could lead to integration issues as well as thermal failures.

An experienced customer requires combined testing to eliminate integration problems of the power conversion system between the Rectifier Transformer and Rectifier at the site and to assure the shortest commissioning time. This results in significant cost savings and produces the highest quality units.