Wednesday, April 25th, 2018

NEELTRAN’s Industrial Water Cooled E-House DC Power Supplies replace separate oil filled transformer and rectifier systems to provide clean reliable dc power which is critical to meet production requirements in the chemical, mining, and metals industries.E house water cooled transformer and dc power supply

NEELTRAN, as North Americas leading manufacturer of industrial Transformers, Rectifiers and DC Power Supplies and related solutions, has introduced a ground-breaking technology – large Water-cooled transformers and rectifiers in one stand-alone unitized “E-House Rectifier” solution.

The advantages of this water-cooled transformer design solution over traditional oil filled transformers with separate rectifier include:

  • Initial cost savings as the E-House DC Power Supply is less costly than a traditional type
  • Significant installation costs are reduced as no oil pit or blast walls are required on site as with oil filled transformers
  • No Oil in unit/Environmentally friendly
  • Saving production floor space whether installed indoors or outdoors
  • Ease of maintenance due to full accessibility to transformer and rectifier
  • Retrofits on existing pads to meet AC input and DC outputs available with minimal modification


NEELTRANS unitized “E-House Rectifier” is a high current DC power supply solution featuring a robust dry, water cooled transformer, along with a state of the art efficient SCR (thyristor) based Rectifier (converting AC to DC) to drive the energy intensive electrolysis process critical to meet the production of material. The water-cooled Transformer is situated along with the rectifier in the main power section of the E-house, and the control room is in its own section – combined into one insulated cooled and heated outdoor E-House enclosure, with inputs and outputs strategically located to serve a customer’s needs for simple installation and low construction costs. Maintenance teams love NEELTRAN units since they now have “eyes on” the rectifier and the transformer, which is impossible with Oil Cooled Transformers.

Industries with electricity intensive production processes such as DC powered electrolytic cells/electrolyzers are acutely aware of the importance of low installation costs, maintenance accessibility, increased control, and years of reliable constant clean power to their production lines.

Industrial users who convert voltage from AC to DC to power their production processes know how important it is to make the right choices with regards to the industrial transformers and rectifiers which power them. The right choices mean lower construction costs, fewer costly outages, fewer environmental concerns, and lower transformer repair and rectifier repair costs. They expect reliable dc power, where the rectifier power is adjustable to meet real time power requirements, and the ability to meet future production needs based on forecasted growth. Industry has come to rely on NEELTRAN as the “right choice”.

The wrong choices inevitably mean lost $ through transformer and rectifier failure, resulting in production shut downs or slowdowns, and the additional high cost of unscheduled reactive and preventative maintenance events.

Tony Capanna, Jr, President of NEELTRAN says “We’re already very well known for superior Rectifier Transformers and Rectifiers across several key industries including Chemical, Mining, Metals, Oil and Gas, Traction and Water Treatment with our extremely robust high reliability, high efficiency and low maintenance units (Low TCO – Total Cost of Ownership) – but this technology really sets us apart. Our customers love the fact that they can have a long-term view of the transformer and rectifier in one walk in enclosure as well have having a much lower cost of purchase and installation.”.

NEELTRAN’s E-House Rectifier is available in ranges from 4.16-35kV primary AC. DC outputs up to 150 kA multi-pulse.

NEELTRAN is the world leader in the design of Custom Transformers, Rectifier Transformers, Rectifiers, DC Power Supplies, Drive Transformers, Chokes, Interphase Transformers and other industrial power solutions and offers complete Transformer Repair and Upgrade, Rectifier Repair and Upgrade, Transformer Rewinding and comprehensive onsite service support.