Neeltran’s state of the art transformer/rectifier facility has complete manufacturing capabilities under one roof.  In 2006, 2009, and 2014, Neeltran completed two major expansions by adding our high bay facility and our machining area.  Also in 2009 and 2014, we modernized and expanded our testing areas.

  • Neeltran's current facility is 85,000 sq. ft. includes 30,000 sq. ft. of high bay, with an additional 10,000 sq. ft. warehouse.
  • Steel cutting machinery, Baking ovens, Vacuum pressure impregnation tanks, Coil winding equipment (12 coil winding machines), Large Pit for tanking and untanking oil filled transformers.
  • Final assembly areas, Painting, and Steel fabrication (This steel fabrication facility is in a separate isolated building to foster a clean production area). Transformer Tanking Pit.
  • Approximate product capacity: 1,500 MVA  with associated Rectifiers per year.
  • 105  Personnel serving power electronic systems in Connecticut , which includes Research and Development, and Electrical and Mechanical Design engineering,
  • Cranes: 80 ton and 60 ton (26 ft. hook height), 20 ton crane.  Please note trucks can drive into our facility and be loaded and unloaded as required by our 60 or 80 ton crane.
  • Testing:  Modern testing procedures assure that the equipment we ship meets all the requirements and specifications of our customers.

Major Testing Equipment includes:

  • Multiple Test bays up to 50 MVA                               
  • Variable AC power sources, 600 KV Impulse generator full and chopped, Several multi-tapped auto-transformers, 120 Hz large generator for double induced testing, Power monitor/analyzers, Hipot AC/DC testers, Heat exchangers, Transformer turns ratio testers, Load banks, Variable frequency generators, 50/60 Hz power for controls and motors, Helium leak detector, Partial Discharge Tester, Plus a complete set of special instrumentation to perform typical tests.
  • Complete ANSI and/or IEC testing available.

Per ISO 9001, test equipment is calibrated every 6 months by an independent test firm.  This commitment is a large part of the reason why you can count on dependable performance from Neeltran products as we test to your specifications.

Facility 2015: