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Special Custom Water Cooled Transformers

Added Benefits of a Transformer Supplied by Neeltran – Robust and Reliable Power to run your 24/7 processes.

At Neeltran, we are uniquely positioned because we are one of the few companies in the world that designs and manufactures its own rectifier-transformers and rectifiers in the same facility under one management team. This ability allows us to understand current harmonics and losses very well. It also gives our designers the experience to design a high quality custom water cooled transformer. 

Neeltran possesses multi-industry, engineering, and manufacturing experience that helps us to be flexible and design products that meet your specific technical and safety requirements. Whether you need our units to power your equipment or to test your equipment give us a call. 

Product Range: Up to 15 mVA, Primary up to 25 kV. Multi-pulse units available; 6,12,24,36 pulse.